Your first port in luxury yachting

Benmar World offers you luxury yachting activities, specialising in the first and second hand sale, purchase, charter, marketing, survey, transfer, yacht management and construction with highest-class yacht builder and solution partners in the world. Whether you are looking for a brand new superyacht or willing to sell your own, Benmar Yachting guarantees you unforgattable pleasure with our solution partners located in Unıted States and Europe.


Building a yacht requires quality to reach the ultimate pleasure and this experience can be tough. In Benmar, we make sure that experience doesn't turn into a scandal. We offer you to make agreements easy and smooth by taking advantage of our knowledge which built-up over years. By working with our finest and leading yacht building partner Mengi Yay Yachts, ensure that your yacht is being built exactly on your schedule and specifications.


Benmar is the widest in the sale of luxury yachts in range between 10-50m. We only offer you the most efficient and high quality built yachts just to make sure that Benmar-sold yacht doesn't make any expensive and irrecoverable problems. True advantage of Benmar lies in the specialist expertise of our team, we view hundreds of yachts every year but we only work and sold with limited number of yachts to increase our customer satisfaction.


In Benmar, we don't believe that word: "haste makes waste" with Rizzardi Yachts. You are willing to have yacht that already built, not problem. As Turkey distributor of Rizzardi Yachts, we make sure that you are having a true Italian Yacht experience. Own a brand new yacht safe and sound by working with the best people in yachting business that have experience acquired in over 40 years & hundreds of launches is a guarantee of the quality of our services. 


Our charter service is located in the most crowded and beautiful city in Turkey, İstanbul, Turkey. 19m motor yacht "Carpe Diem" makes sure you are having a full of adventure trip. Whether you are looking for marriage proposal, trip around Istanbul bosphorus and islands or business meeting and spending quality time with family, you are in the true adress. We offer widest customisation and opportunites to our customers.

Set your route to freedom with luxury yachting opportunities and after delivery services. 

Benmar Yachting has very close relations with yacht building and yacht design companies to make you realise what you truly desire. Here we have two concept designs which have also two-three different length concepts for you to find your appropriate length. First 36-42 meter was designed by Venettian Design for Mengi Yay Yachts and second 37 meter was designed by Mengi Yay Yachts, both design is suitable to built with wooden epoxy lamination or steel and aliminium. 


A true Italian design with 36-42-48 meter concept opportunities by building partner Mengi Yay, Interested parties can look forward to a delivery time of 12-18 months.