About Us

Turkey, which has the Mediterranean and its extensions, Aegean, our inner marine Marmara and Black Sea coasts, is in a position very convenient for yachting with its own adherence and proximity to the neighboring islands. Unfortunately, we are still behind the level of countries where we can be sure about maritime.

As the economic crises in the world and Europe led to the decline of second hand yacht prices, these crises turned into flirting in our country and many of them started to swim in second hand yachts. Unfortunately, many people were sad and victimized during these exchanges. Aiming to make people not cheap but hassle-free boat, Bahadır Sen has established Benmar Denizcilik on 12.12.2012 with experience. With the participation of Mustafa Mengi in company partnership in 2013, our company has been moved to Pendik Marinturk City Port and its activities are going on here.

We are looking for second hand, new manufacturing, maintenance, repair, survey and transfer services with our solution partners in Europe and America with the aim of customer satisfaction.