Why Rizzardi Yachts?

We believe Rizzardi Yachts has the best following objectives as a mass yacht builder.


Everything began more than 40 years ago thanks to the passion of a man, a family and a company which today is famous all over the world.

A love for the sea, an obsession with research and perfection, attention to the latest trends and the most innovative styles have allowed the Rizzardi family to launch over 500 boats that still sail the seas today thanks to the skill and passion of the men who designed and built them, and the owners who so strongly desired them.


For us quality is not a characteristic but a philosophy shared by everyone who works in our company, from the design to the production. It is thanks to this vision that we can guarantee our Clients the maximum standards.

The company’s desire to realize yachts with absolute qualitative standards is successfully supported by qualified personnel, specialized artisans and technologically advanced design and production systems.


Day after day design and production systems are renewed in step with the evolution that occurs with the passage of time. However the tradition of the absolute values that led to the creation of the Rizzardi world remain firm and rooted and are handed down from generation to generation.

100% Italian Yachts

Our owners, designers, shipyards and materials are all proudly 100% Italian.

Italy is recognized all over the world as a leader in the field of sailing, accessories, style and creativity with an ability to produce products of excellence, a position of leadership that we can truly consider our own since Rizzardi is proudly 100% Italian.