Buy a yacht

Buying a superyacht opens you a brand new exciting world with lots of opportunities; business, entertainment and quality times with your family and friends which leads you essential question: "How can I make the right choice?" No worries, Benmar is here.

Why choose us?

Benmar has the widest central intelligence to achieve the best price-luxury ratio and make you feel confident during the process by working with best people in yachting industry. Four reasons to show you what makes us unique and reliable for not just being brokarage company but understanding and making you derive a profit during the buying process. 

Close Relations With Yacht Builders

We work very closely with yacht builders to ensure that you are owning a trouble-free yacht. We kept our yacht database little as possible to accomplish the goal of dreaming your own yacht and letting us find it. Therefore we benefit from yacht builders, designers and engineers to achieve your ultimate dream.

24/7 Availability

We offer our clients accessibility and availability for everyday, in order to solve problems which we think there won't be any. We believe approaching every issue sincerely to overcome each problem. Since our teams are in contact with our solution partners located in United States and Europe. There is nothing that you can't solve with us.

Everything you need

Every requirement and desire are right here, in Benmar Yachting. We provide every question about yachting, problems that may appear, crew support and after delivery services. No-one knows our yachts better than who sells it and yards that created her. From one-off technical advice and ongoing maintenance support to the installation of technical equipment, it makes good sense to turn to the experts we work with.

For Owners By Owners

As a superyacht owner we are quite aware of any problem that you may have in the future. Therefore we understand you, what you truly want and your ultimate desire. We have decades of experience and we all have a thorough understanding of the market and will be able to guide you through every aspect of purchasing your luxury yacht.


Benmar is in the sale of luxury yachts in range between 10-50m. We only offer you the most efficient and high quality built yachts just to make sure that Benmar-sold yacht doesn't make any expensive and irrecoverable problems. True advantage of Benmar lies in the specialist expertise of our team, we view hundreds of yachts every year but we only work and sold with limited number of yachts to increase our customer satisfaction.


In Benmar, we don't believe that word: "haste makes waste" with Rizzardi Yachts. You are willing to have yacht that already built, not problem. As Turkey distributor of Rizzardi Yachts, we make sure that you are having a true Italian Yacht experience. Own a brand new yacht safe and sound by working with the best people in yachting business that have experience acquired in over 40 years & hundreds of launches is a guarantee of the quality of our services. 

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