Owning and maintaining a luxury yacht is a serious and time consuming job which requires a wide knowledge from professional people. Benmar is in managing business for 14 years and we know how to keep your money steady and low.

New yachts

If you are planning to use a boat for more than 5 years and you can afford it financially, it may be a good idea to buy a new boat. Read as much as you can about the boat that you think of the almayer and request test drive in the water. This provides you with a consultation on the design and features of the craft.

Sharing your yacht

Sharing your yacht is a very popular method for beginners. This method allows not only the investment of the craft but also the maintenance and operating costs to be divided among the boat owners.

Second hand

There are other advantages and benefits of second-hand boats:

  · Safety equipment and other extras may be included

  · There may be minor superficial flaws in second-hand boats, which you will inevitably add to your innovations, possibly as you gain experience. Drawing a brand new flawless boat will be a lot more painful than adding an old scratched bird! You can start your research today at our 2nd EL research page.

Taking into account a neutral evaluation by a reputable professional, taking a 2nd hand boat will be a wise move in all circumstances.

Some tricks:

· If you are interested in fiberglass boats, pay attention to cracks caused by structural failure or impact. Deep cracks are the habercis of potential problems. On the other hand, superficial cracks originating from wear related to age of the craft can be ignored. If any part of the machine has been repaired, make sure it is done in a reliable place and request the relevant invoices.

· Watch for cracks in welding seams and poor corrosion in aluminum boats. Incompatible or patchy paints indicate that the craft has undergone a repair, and may have had an accident.

· If the spine stretches towards the horizon both horizontally and forward, look for signs of internal corrosion or rust lines, indicating that the craft is taking water at a stage. · Raise each object on the boat and check the gold, indicating that the color fade care is neglected.

· Make sure that the ropes and other equipment are not in poor condition.

· Check the soft spots on the floor, the condition of the floor, the functioning of the windows and the inland water stains. Do not neglect to use your nose in your observations, be sensitive to mold odors.

· Ensure that the engine is well guarded; Check for cracks on the impeller, corrosion on the engine head. Observe the water flow at start and high speeds by starting the engine. · Ensure that the Verdevela bolts are secure and that all necessary safety equipment is available.

Mechanical Equipment

 · Open and close valves

 · Gearbox (softness must be controlled without changing gear)

 · Filter (Filter must be cleaned at regular intervals)

 · Oil (You can use your fingers to control dirt / sand, should not have burning odor.)

 · Rubber belts and hoses (wear and crack control must be performed) It should be checked whether there is a repeat fault by reviewing the service records of the regular maintenance. With an electrician, you can control your rudder, hydraulic and fuel lines.

Note: The above information is for guidance purposes only and can not replace a professional surveillance supervisor. In addition, it should not be forgotten that some traces of all used second-hand crafts are being used and should not be removed from the eye in a rush while being examined. But if you do not have enough money, time and patience for restoration, you should avoid boats that have been neglected.


Bargain It will be easier for you to create a list of criteria and a list of questions while conducting market research. You can duplicate the lists in a few copies to check the consistency of the boats. An Excel spreadsheet can also be useful.   If you narrow your search sufficiently according to the features you have set in a wide range, you are ready to take the proposal for the boat you are interested in.   Expecting an extraordinary bargain will not be realistic. It should not be forgotten that if something seems too good to be true. If you know the reasonable price for the boat you are interested in, try negotiating with the seller. The only thing that can be negotiated is not the price. Also consider the trailer, the engine and the equipment to be used at the bargain. Test drive before purchasing and take an independent surveillance opinion.

Frequenlty Asked Questions

· What activities are the boats used for?

· How often has he been used and how many hours?

· When was it purchased? · Why is it sold? · Have you ever had an accident?

· What repairs have been spent and by whom?

· Do you have all the maintenance records?

· Is an important repair necessary?

· Have you ever been to the security office? When?

· Do you have any debt?

· Who is the owner? Where was she hiding?

· Is the fiberglass original?

· What about deck, floor and interior design?

· What about the body and paint?

· What other accessories are included?

· Is the trailer included? How's the situation involved?

· Is the engine included? (How is the brand, model and situation?)    

If the trailer and motor are sold with the boat, you can bargain for their removal or replacement. It's easy to find refurbished engines. An engine close to the market marketed by commercial users can cost you a new motord much cheaper.

Yacht Type

First, consider your lifestyle, your financial situation and what purpose you will use the boat (water slides, sailing, fishing, cruising, etc.). The boats are designed for special activities, so you can find the comfort, performance, safety and pleasure you are looking for in the area of ​​your interest. You can find new and used speedboats and yacht categories that include "fishing boat, inflatable boats, aluminum boats, catamarans, sailboats and motor yachts"

Where to use

After the boat type, the second point you need to think about is where to use your boat. If you want to fish deep sea a small boat will not see your job, but the same boat is ideal for hunting a freshwater fish in a river around you. For this reason you should plan your choice of boat, river, mediterranean or ocean.

Boat Dimension

How many people do you plan to travel with on the boat? Is it just you, your family or a larger group of friends? The most important factor in your list will be the carrying capacity of the craft. Once you have decided on the number of people, you will have to take your side and add other necessary materials (kitchen utensils, sleeping and bathroom supplies, etc.).

Children on the boat

Boat trips are a good way to spend time with your children. It is important to consider their needs while purchasing your tekneniz. Let's consider a boat that's a house. Boats, bowrider and deck boat, and even some fishing boats are sometimes equipped with small cabins that meet the needs of children for sleep and sun protection. Another vital need for children is lifejackets. When your children are young (1 to 5 years old), you need to be able to defeat one's life jackets every two years, taking into account the child's growth. For children under the age of 3-4, in the case of sunset the first type of life vest is recommended to keep the heads above the water level. Older children may use life jackets of type 2 or 3 that do not have head support and provide movement freedom.

Engine capacity

Your technique has a certain minimum and maximum capacity according to the motor power. The size of the motor you need depends on where you want to go, faster or slower. Engines can be classified as stationary engine, external engine, jet, diesel and gasoline.

Anchoring, Winding and Scaffolding

Where do you intend to keep your technique? For example, are you going to anchor or will you keep going in and out of the marina or will you take the caramba? If you are thinking about towing to the land, make sure your car is strong enough to take the load.

Professional Recommendation Request

A broker or sales agent can show you the appropriate boats for your needs if you are ready to start looking for your boat with the list you have specified. They also help you to buy your craft safely with advice on purchasing, security and insurance issues.

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