The True Italian Spirit

As Turkey distributor of Rizzardi Yachts, we make sure that you are having a true Italian Yacht experience. Own a brand new yacht safe and sound by working with the best people in yachting business that have experience acquired in over 40 years & hundreds of launches is a guarantee of the quality of our services. Learn more about Rizzardi Yachts


Today hundreds of Posillipo yachts sail the seas all over the world, the proud standard bearers of the elegance and sophistication that have always distinguished Italian sailing. The new Posillipo Flybridge line combines the timeless style that has made it famous with the contemporaneity of the design by Carlo Galeazzi.


The flagship of the Posillipo family.


30 meters to maneuver from the control cockpit on the sun deck.  


Truly real.  Rising above every trend, maintaining the same time honored style.


All the character of a great Posillipo combined in a 23 meter yacht.


The Open range has always been a part of the Rizzardi brand’s DNA and today it is possible to choose between the Sport-Coupé and Day-Cruiser models according to the way you choose to experience the sea.

57 TL

Timeless elegance and style are combined with contemporary technology in a 57 foot craft conceived and designed for Open lovers. Full Open or with T-Top.  2 different interior layouts, with 3 or 4 cabins plus the sailor’s cabin.

43 TL

Charming and classic lines of the open yacht for living a life of complete freedom, following Rizzardi's tradition.

48 IN

For high performance enthusiasts who do not want to sacrifice comfort. 3 cabins, plus the sailor’s cabin, a planing speed of 11 kn, a cruising speed of 38 kn and a maximum speed of 44 kn


The trust that our Clients have placed in us over the decades is confirmation that the experience acquired in over 40 years and hundreds of launches is a guarantee of the quality of our services.

Rizzardi or Posillipo owners are offered a free check-up when the yacht arrives in the shipyard and upon its delivery.


The Service division is able, with efficiency and professionalism, to carry out all the necessary certifications and structural refittings of any nature and, thanks to the close working relationship between the Service division personnel and the Yacht division that is responsible for the production lines, it is possible to guarantee assured and prompt results.

For refitting work carried out on the request of the owner which changes the principal features of the yacht, the support of the Rizzardi Style Center is available or possibly external designers.


A team dedicated exclusively to the winter storage of boats guarantees the care and supervision of boats up to 24 meters inside the Sabaudia shipyard. For boats of over 24 meters we have structures directly on the sea.


Thanks to our own fleet of equipped vehicles we can reach craft located both within italy and abroad in the shortest possible time in order to carry out emergency and planned interventions.


Our technical office and administrative office are available to our clients to offer consultancy of a technical/design or administrative nature.


We are able to rapidly obtain spare parts and accessories at low prices thanks to our fully stocked warehouse and network of sector suppliers.


Select the model of your craft and the type of service required and our Service Manager will contact you. (* crequired fields)

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