Yacht management

Owning and maintaining a luxury yacht is a serious and time consuming job which requires a wide knowledge from professional people. Benmar is in managing business for 14 years and we know how to keep your money steady and low.

Things to pay attention before buying a yacht

You need to go out with a single account before buying: When purchasing from scratch, expectations can be high, so you can choose the best one in almost every area, and you can choose your favorite ones and choose the most suitable one for your needs. A speedboat, offshore fishermen, will perform well using a kayak. Or it can not be used in a sailing river. These are very extreme examples and the important point is that every single condition of a single technique must be conditional. You need to look at the favorable conditions of the place where you live. What types of boats are more common? The commonly used type of boats in this area will be more advantageous in the second hand. Try to spend more time nearby or on the boat or before you buy the boat. You can visit a marina in your area or visit maritime clubs and talk to those who use the analogy of what you think of buying. While giving information about the better and worse aspects of the user's gardens, the words that will further clarify will give a very valuable insight into the points that you should pay attention to when you take your own techniques into their own dimensions. It can sunbathe. It can provide information and suggestions. Follow the boat market by following the new and secondhand advertisements of the boats you are interested in. In the same model and in the same models, you can change at significant prices, do a good research and find the boat you want an appropriate fiasco. In your hand. Walking around your research with a wide range of brands and models, a different model and brand choice than you think at the end. For more information, you can search yacht and boat listings for the following features:

Your trusted yachting for management

We would like to make professional management in all the Turkish and European waters with reasonable fees to make your management of the Tekniz your captain, chauffeur, accountant or x person. The requirements of your machine and personnel, all the service of documents and documents, the transfer services and the new project, We follow up all the services of your used boats with our solution partners in Turkey and Europe.

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